Juuso Rinta

Anabasís (FIN/IT)

Tomi Nikku – trumpet
Joonas Haavisto – piano
Juuso Rinta – double bass
Alessandro D’Anna – drums

Anabasís is a new original project founded by Joonas Haavisto, Juuso Rinta, and Alessandro D’Anna in 2020. The group first came to life as a piano trio hosting jam sessions and a season of concerts in Helsinki in the summer and autumn of 2020. Playing those nights was so joyful that as a result, the group started rehearsing actively throughout the pandemic working on original music by members of the group as well as arrangements of standards.

A year later, in 2021 the trio started searching for the fourth member to complete their sound – that’s where trumpet player Tomi Nikku came into the picture. The repertoire of Anabasís consists mostly of music written for the group by the band’s double bassist Juuso Rinta and pianist Joonas Haavisto.

Anabasís is the most famous work of the Ancient Greek writer Xenophon. It means “inland march”, representing the journey of a person from the coast into the middle of a City, and it is a metaphor for the journey inside ourself. The band’s motive is connected to this metaphor, and it invites the listeners to explore this wide range of dynamics and emotions in music.